GEMMASTER LED ZEISS Trinocular Microscope Set

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GEMMASTER LED ZEISS Trinocular Microscope Set
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GEMMASTER gem microscope base with LED illuminated dark field for highest contrast and coolest working stage area ever. To grade diamonds and examine the internal world of coloured stones.

The Set Includes:
- GEMMASTER LED microscope base
    - Carl ZEISS trinocular StereoZOOM optics
    - 10x (6.5x-50x) eyepieces and eyeshields
    - 16x (10x-80x) eyepieces and eyeshields
    - optical adapter for your digital SLR camera
    - innovative VARIOFOC incident LED illuminator incl. two 6,000k daylight
      3 Watt High Power LED for pin-pointing and diffuse illumination
    - removable iris diaphragm
    - MAGNETIC CLICK stoneholder/ ringholder
    - adapter for tweezer operation

If you would like to order an optional digital camera to use with the GEMMASTER and ZEISS optics, please contact us for advice.

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exkl. MwSt. 7.525,00 € inkl. 19% MwSt. 8.954,75 €


GEMMASTER LED Dark Field Microscope Lighting Features
The dark field Illuminator light source is an innovative high contrast LED system with a lighting power equivalent to a 35 Watt incandescent halogen lamp. Lifetime of about 20,000 hours.

First time in gem microscopy the choice of three colours of darkfield light as a unique feature: 4,500 Kelvin neutral daylight is standard, optional 5,000K daylight or 3,500K incandescent light colour are available.

The high darkfield spot makes quick microscopy by finger handling of mounted stones easy.

The temperature at the iris diaphragm is of  Cool-Touch: 25°C / 77°F. At other microscopes of the market it is usually hot and burning +50°C / 122°F after short time.                                                

Innovative MAGNETIC CLICK stoneholder system with magnetic socket at each side of the stage for right- or lefthand use. Extra ringholder to be clamped on stoneholder.

Adapter to use iris diaphragm as tweezer support.

Carl ZEISS Trinocular StereoZOOM Optical System
The high-quality ZEISS optical system provides an outstanding imaging quality
in terms of contrast and resolution. The trinocular system included in this package is equipped with 16x eyepieces for a total magnification of 10 x-80 x and a further set of 10x eyepieces for 6.5 x -50 x magnification and wide viewing field for objects up to 36 mm.

Digital Adapter for Microscope Photography
For digital photomicrography the set, also includes a special full-size image  optical adapter for your digital camera e.g. NIKON, CANON or OLYMPUS. Simply give us brand and type to choose the correct  camera adaption mount.

VARIOFOC Interchangeable LED System
LED spotlights at gooseneck are the perfect successor for fibre optic light guides: Versatile in their application and easily exchangeable to different beam spreads and colour of light.

One USB port at each side of the stage for additional LED coldlight pin-pointer and/or LED overhead lamp. Good for other USB plug & play accessories as well. No data transmission!



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